Adding comments to PDFs is a useful feature that helps to improve workflow. It allows clients to add their comments to certain areas of the document, whether it be text changes or design alterations. The designer’s can then work with this document to create another draft, taking into account all of the changes. Creating an annotated PDF is really very simple and our step-by-step guide explains the process for you… 

1. Open up your PDF in Adobe Reader. Place your cursor in the position that you would like to add your comment. Right click and then select add sticky-note from the drop-down menu. Alternatively you can click Comment to open the Comment panel. Click Annotations if the Annotations panel isn’t already open, and then select the Sticky Note tool.

2. A yellow box will appear and you can type your comments into it. You can move the position of the sticky note by clicking on the yellow speech box and dragging it elsewhere on the document.

3. To view any  comments that are in the document Choose Tools > Comment to open the Comment toolbar. The comments that you added to the document are displayed in the right panel. You can delete these by right clicking and selecting delete if necessary.

4. Generally the sticky note tool can be used for notes on design. if you want to make adjustments to the text ( eg change the words, highlight any typos etc) we would suggest you use the highlighter tool. This can be found next to the sticky note on the top toolbar or in the annotations panel (Comment > Annotations)

5. Click on the highlighter tool and select the text you want to change. Once you’ve selected the text, right click and then select “open pop up note”. You can then type your changes into the box that appears.

6. If you want to delete text you can use the strikethrough button on the annotations panel.

7. Click this button and then select the text you want to delete and a red line will appear through it. To remove the red line right click and delete.

8. The drawing markup tools are also found in the comment panel. These allow you to add lines, arrows or shapes onto the document. For example if you wanted an image to line up with another one, you can use the line tool to show the position you want it to be in

We hope this has been of some help to you. For a more comprehensive overview please visit