Exhibitions and trade shows are an excellent way for your business to gain exposure and meet prospective clients. We’ve had a lot of experience over the years of creating everything from pop-up banners all the way up to full scale exhibition stand design, so here’s all you need to know to make your company stand out at your next event…

Stay true to your brand

First impressions are everything and therefore it’s vital that your brand is instantly recognisable and consistent. Stick to the same colours, fonts and approach that is used throughout your other marketing material. You should take into account your brand values and what you want to reflect in the design. Always think about your target audience and the people who are attending the show and create a design that works for them. Your logo should be in a prominent position that can be seen from all angles, so that there is no mistaking who you are. Ideally it should be placed on the top half of your exhibit stand so that it is not blocked by people in your display area. Make sure other key information (like your website and contact details) are given plenty of room and are bold enough to be seen from a distance.

Maximise your space

It is essential to maximise and fully utilise the exhibition floor space you have been allocated. You will need to confirm dimensions with the organisers beforehand so you know exactly what space you have available to work with. Some shows allow you to build exhibit up to 6 metres or 20 feet high. Be sure to capitalize on this height if it is allowed. Find out if there are any pillars or structural elements in your area that may restrict the design. Always try to keep meeting areas to the back of the exhibition stand space to prevent anybody from blocking the view of potential new clients.

Go big and go bold 

Attendees often don’t have the time (or patience!) to stop and read scrolls of text on your exhibition stand. Instead use headers, quotes and bullet points to grab people’s attention. Strong, powerful imagery and graphics are a quick and effective medium to communicate a complex message or idea. Carefully consider where you place your images, making sure they can be seen from a distance and won’t be concealed. If you want to display products or packaging then do so in a clean and uncluttered way.

Consider a Shell Clad system

Trade show stands are simple metal frames with soft boards available for you to hang your artwork onto, however it can be tricky to avoid the metal frames getting in the way of your designs or branding. Using a Shell Clad system allows you to have a seamless design or image run over the entire wall or walls of your stand. They come in sturdy rollable panels and use velcro attachments, so can be put up in minutes. They create an impressive impact and avoid the distracting silver lines throughout your stand.

Consider using roller banners

Roller banners are a great way to present lots of information about your brand without needing to have printed leaflets or brochures, which can take up a lot of space. The banners should be branded and tie in with the rest of your design. An advantage of roller banners is that can be quickly assembled and they offer you the flexibility of moving their position to suit your needs. They can then be easily stored and reused for future events.

Invest in a great promotional video

If you want to grab people’s attention then invest in a short promotional video which describe your products, services or company values. A television or computer screen has the added benefit of taking up minimal space on your stand and you can share a couple of videos or presentations which allow you to get your key messages across.

Get a branded Gazebo

The summer months bring lots of opportunities for outdoor festivals and fayres that companies can exhibit at. The last thing you want to do at these events is blend into the background. Printed Gazebo’s have become extremely popular at outdoor events – especially given the Scottish Summer it is always wise to have a waterproof shelter at your event! They are essentially a huge blank canvas for you to advertise your brand on. With lots of different panels, there is plenty of space to get across your messages. Due to their compact folding nature they take up little room when packed away and are therefore easily stored and transported.

Before the trade show begins take the time to promote your presence at the event on social media. You can also create an email marketing promotion, using a list of people who fit your audience’s profile and are likely to attend the event (please ensure you stick to GDPR guidelines). By following these tips and creating a stand that is both eye-catching and inviting you should be able to attract the attention you deserve at your next trade show.