Succulento is a manufacturer of premium sauces with a versatile nature as a table sauce or condiment. They believe in turning mundane mealtimes into joyful happy ones.

brand & label redesign

Succulento asked us to help breathe a new lease of life into their overall identity, in particular on their packaging labels. We used a bright colour palette, and eye-catching African patterns, to reference the company’s Nigerian background. We developed a unique colour scheme for every product, which hinted at the fabulous flavours within.

roller banners...

Once the new design was established we translated this into roller banners and recipe cards. We kept the fun fonts, vivid colours and natural backgrounds that worked so effectively on the label designs. We also incorporated new photography of the products that we had taken.

website updates

In 2018 we were asked to update their existing Wordpress website to bring it in line with the new label designs. This involved updating the fonts, photography and styling to include the African patterns and backgrounds. We also added in the new recipe videos that we shot and updated the product pages to make them more modern.


We created a range of short recipe videos to be incorporated into the website. The title graphics of these needed to match the new brand and the video had to be simple, snappy and show the recipe off in it’s best light.